7 Ways To Correct Posture

Poor posture can contribute to all sorts of painful musculoskeletal conditions, from lower back pain to muscle imbalances. Most people think little about their posture, yet making a few adjustments can have a dramatic impact on your health and fitness. Here are a few simple ways to improve your posture.

Test Your Posture

Stand with your back against a wall. Make sure your buttocks and shoulders, as well as the back of your head, are resting against the wall. Tune in to your feet to ensure that your weight is distributed evenly. Next, relax your muscles, and notice any areas that begin to lean or slump. Those are the problem areas that you need to give some extra attention throughout the day.

Strengthen Your Core

Yoga is particularly helpful with posture, as it not only boosts core strength, but also improves balance, flexibility, and body awareness. Pilates and other core exercise programs can also be useful. The stronger your core, the more easily your body can support itself in a neutral, healthy posture.

Check Your Workstation

The position that puts the least strain on your spine is actually reclining at na 135-degree angle. It can be difficult to work in this position, though. Instead, make sure that you have good back support, your monitor is sitting at eye level, your arms are supported, and you don’t need to look down at documents or other necessities.

Pay Attention to All Situations

Your desk is likely where you spend the most time, so it is easy to justify the time and expense of properly setting it up. However, it is important to pay attention to your posture at all times. When sleeping, make sure your spine is aligned. When driving, adjust your seat and mirrors to prevent having to sit up too straight. When working in the kitchen, make sure not to hunch over the counter.

Breathe from Your Diaphragm

Deep, diaphragmatic breathing encourages your spine to lengthen and engages your lower core. Shallow breathing is common, especially in stressful situations, so take the time to check on your breathing now and then, and intentionally breathe deeper and more slowly.

Watch Out for Text Neck

When using your phone, hold it straight out in front of you rather than craning your neck. When reading on your tablet, prop it up on the table rather than curling up with it in your hands. If you are addicted to technology, as many people today are, these simple fixes can rapidly improve your posture and reduce pain.

Seek Physical Therapy

Most people associate physical therapy with recovering from an illness or injury. The reality, though, is that almost everyone could benefit. Your physical therapist will assess not only your posture but also your gait, flexibility, range of motion, and any symptoms you have such as pain. He or she will then create an individualized plan of action, using targeted exercises to help improve your posture and range of motion, and alleviate pain.

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