Advantages of Physical Therapy Before Surgery

Has your doctor recommended starting physical therapy before your upcoming surgery? This may seem unusual, but prehabilitation is actually quite common. Doctors, patients, and physical therapists have seen better outcomes following surgery when some preparatory physical therapy was done first. 


Physical therapy can also provide some relief while you are awaiting the date of your surgery. Sometimes there is a wait to get your surgery scheduled because of a variety of factors from insurance to surgeon availability. Your date may be set, but you have a few weeks or even months to wait. Doing physical therapy in the meantime can help relieve your pain and improve your range of motion. 


Physical Therapy Before Surgery Offers the Following Benefits:


  • Reduce your pain. Many patients have reported that starting physical therapy before their surgery helped to relieve their pain while they were awaiting their surgery date. It can also help to relieve some of the inflammation beforehand so that there is not as much pain following surgery. Physical therapy can also take the stress off other parts of the body that are bearing the weight of the injury. 
  • Strengthen your muscles. Sometimes an injury causes the muscles in that area of your body to become weak from lack of use. In other cases, lack of muscle strength is the reason for the injury in the first place. One of the main purposes of physical therapy is to strengthen the muscles, which can help the surgery go more smoothly. You can also build strength in other muscles of your body that can aid you in getting around after your surgery. If you are getting surgery on your knee or ankle, it can help to strengthen the other leg and your arms so that you’ll be prepared to support your body while you let the healing part rest. 
  • Accelerate your recovery. Starting physical therapy before your surgery can help you recover faster. You can spend less time in the hospital and get home much sooner if your body was prepared for the procedure. Physical therapy can start the healing process before the surgery takes place to further repair the injury. If the surgery is not due to an injury, it can still help to prepare the affected area with physical therapy. 
  • Learn strategies to prepare for surgery. Another advantage of physical therapy before surgery is that you can learn how to get around afterwards while letting your recovering body part rest. Learn how to use crutches, how to transfer in and out of a wheelchair, and how to get up and down stairs. If you want to be as self-sufficient as possible and not have to rely on others to care for you after your surgery, physical therapy can help. 
  • Get to know your therapist. It also helps to meet your physical therapist and start to get to know them before your surgery. Physical therapy before your surgery tends to be easier, allowing you to ease into it and start to learn what to expect. Then when the harder work begins after your surgery, you and your therapist will already know each other and have some experience working together. Once your therapist knows you and how to best motivate you, and when you know what your therapist expects from you, the process can go much more smoothly and be more beneficial.  


Matawan Physical Therapy Provides Prehabilitation Services 

If you want all of the above advantages, start prehabilitation with Matawan PT in plenty of time before your surgery. Starting physical therapy ahead of time helps you recover faster and experience less pain, which are the two biggest benefits. Matawan PT specializes in sports rehabilitation and conditioning. We can help you recover faster from your injury and surgery so you can get back in the game. If you have a lot riding on your physical health, we understand the urgency and will do our best to get you back to your best as soon as possible. 

Call (732) 970-7894 or contact us today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you accelerate your recovery with prehabilitation.