How long will I need physical therapy?

Some people attend physical therapy for just a few sessions, while others are in therapy several times a week for a year or more. How long you will need physical therapy depends on a few factors:

Presenting Problem: A badly fractured ankle typically needs more sessions than a mildly sprained ankle. Heart attack or stroke recovery takes longer than healing most repetitive strain injuries. Your length of therapy depends largely on your specific condition.

Initial Evaluation: People who are generally fit often need fewer sessions than those with major muscle imbalances and other issues underlying an injury. Professional athletes often need longer to return to peak form than those whose treatment goal is to be able to grocery shop without pain. How long you are in therapy depends a great deal on the results of your initial evaluation.

Progress and Reevaluation: Physical therapy is both an art and a science, and it is impossible to fully predict individual results. If you progress faster than expected, you may be discharged sooner. If you progress more slowly than anticipated, you may need a few more sessions. Your physical therapist will monitor your progress and perform regular reevaluations to see if your treatment plan needs fine tuning.

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