How Sports Therapy Differs From Regular Physical Therapy

Some patients ask about sports medicine vs physical therapy. Sometimes, these terms are used interchangeably when the terms actually refer to different types of therapies. This article will explore the difference between physical therapy and sports therapy so you will have a better understanding of your treatment options.

What is Sports Physical Therapy?

Generally, sports therapy helps rehabilitate athletes. Many of these patients are professional athletes who have been injured during gameplay. However, this is not the only type of patient that benefits from sports therapy. Serious runners, cross-fitters, and weekend warriors can also injure themselves by participating in high-level sports. These patients would also benefit from sports physical therapy.

Sometimes sports physical therapy is utilized in other ways outside of helping to recover from injuries. If a certain movement causes pain or is ineffective, a sports therapist can work with you to retrain your body to perform the movement correctly.

Sports Injury Specialists

Sports injury specialist specializes in sports medicine. A sports medicine physician will undergo additional training in sports medicine, on top of traditional medical school paths. This gives them expertise and how to address the unique needs of athletes, as well as a focus on returning them to their peak condition to return to their sport. This additional training often means that a sports medicine physician will have a greater understanding of the latest technologies, treatment options, and best practices that can have a true benefit to athletes everywhere.

Non-Surgical Sports Medicine

A lot of sports therapy focuses on non-surgical sports medicine. A surgery combined with recovery time can keep an athlete out of commission for an extended period of time. Many athletes specifically look for nonsurgical approaches to combat weaknesses or injuries for this reason.

Work with Serious Athletes

Sports injury therapists tend to work with serious athletes. However, a sports injury doctor may also address the needs of high school and college-level athletes. You do not need to necessarily be a paid professional athlete to work with the physical therapist or sports injury physician that primarily addresses the needs of athletes.

Diagnosis and Procedure Focus

Sometimes sports therapy and physical therapy are conducted in the same physical therapy gym. Some of the physical therapists might have stronger backgrounds in sports therapy, while others focus on the needs of the general public. However, some sports therapists have a stronger diagnosis and procedure focus than others. Some may even choose to meet with clients in a traditional clinical setting. Before scheduling a sports therapy appointment with a new practice, be sure to clarify that what the practice offers meets your needs.

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