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Matawan Physical Therapy is proud to offer a full range of sports therapy and physical therapy services in Matawan, NJ. From pre-sports training through post-injury rehab, we take an individualized approach to meeting your needs. We do not rely on one-size-fits-all programs, but instead carefully tailor your program to fit your goals.

Functional Movement: Functional movement is the ability to fully and comfortably move your body throughout the activities of daily life. Our physical therapists are experts in the science of movement, and can help you dramatically increase your functional movement.

Participation in Your Own Recovery: Whatever your goals and desires, as well as your existing physical condition and health history, we work collaboratively with you to develop a treatment plan. You will learn both in-office and at-home exercises, and you will be held accountable for fully participating in your own recovery.

Avoiding Opioids: Opioid medications can help to ease severe pain, but they carry a substantial risk for addiction and overdose, and withdrawal symptoms can be intense. Physical therapy can strengthen and condition you to the point that your doctor can help you safely taper off opioid medications. Due to the risks of sudden withdrawal, never stop taking opioid medications without your doctor’s assistance.

Avoiding or Recovering from Surgery: For many conditions, physical therapy is as effective as surgery. If your doctor recommends surgery, ask if it is safe for you to try physical therapy first. This could help you avoid an expensive and invasive procedure with a long recovery period.

If surgery is required, physical therapy can help get you in the best possible condition before surgery, and help you rehabilitate after your operation. This can reduce pain, shorten your recovery time, and further restore your freedom of movement. Ask your surgeon for a referral.

No two people are the same, and physical therapy recognizes these individual differences. Regardless of the reason you seek physical therapy, we will go out of our way to design a customized treatment plan that truly works for you.

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