Sports Conditioning and Physical Therapy in NJ

Matawan PT proudly offers complete sports conditioning and physical therapy services in Matawan, NJ. Our highly educated and experienced team works together to design individualized treatment protocols that meet your needs, goals, and desires.

Our services include:

Close Up Of Man Holding Ice Pack On Knee

Physical Therapy: Whether you are recovering from a sports injury or suffering from a chronic pain condition, our physical therapy protocols are designed to reduce your pain and improve your ability to move. We will teach you a variety of in-office and at-home exercises, and hold you accountable for fully participating in your own recovery.

Acupuncturist Using Cupping Technique On Patient

Acupuncture and Cupping: An ancient Eastern healing art that has been accepted by Western medicine, acupuncture inserts small, thin, hollow needles into the skin at specific points to jump-start healing. Cupping is a unique form of acupuncture that uses cups to create a sort of reverse massage that soothes muscles and promotes relaxation.

Woman with short, light brown hair wearing a yellow shirt is stretching her legs on the ground in an outdoor setting.

Strength and Conditioning: Strength and conditioning exercises help to reset the complex system of levers and pulleys that makes up your body’s muscles and joints. We will carefully strengthen both individual parts of your body and your entire body as a whole.

Man And Woman Lifting Medicine Balls

Functional Movement: Functional movement training retrains your body to more efficiently and painlessly move through the activities of daily life. You will learn to coordinate your upper and lower body with a focus on core strength and movement efficiency, using a variety of tools such as weights and fitness balls.

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