What should I expect at my first physical therapy appointment?

Your first physical therapy appointment will consist of two parts: a conversation and a physical examination. Be prepared to answer detailed questions about the injury or condition that brought you to physical therapy, your prior fitness level, your health history, and your treatment goals.

For the physical examination, wear clothes that are comfortable and allow easy access to the injured part of your body, such as shorts for an ankle injury or a tank top for a shoulder problem. Depending on your specific needs, your physical therapist may perform some or all of these tests:

  • Manual palpation of the painful area
  • Range of motion (ROM) measurements
  • Strength and balance tests
  • Functional mobility assessment
  • Neurological screening tests
  • Assessment of your posture and gait

Your physical therapist will then set you up with your next steps. You might receive a full, customized treatment plan at your first appointment, or you may not receive this until your second visit. You may also be assigned some simple at-home exercises and therapies such as heat or ice, as well as suggestions for assistive devices such as a brace or a cane.

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